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For efficient decentralized solid waste management we are emphasising on following important technologies: A] Bio-Mechanical Baction Composting

Products & Services

Private Sector

Baction Drum

1. Baction Drum

The process of Baction unit for odourless processing of wet waste with combination of garden waste to gain good quality compost fertilizer is standardized through dedicated and experienced research and development by scientific wing of Nila Polycast Baction considering the Indian context.

The process in Baction drum is driven by the action of microbes in vessel condition. It is a Batch process of composting i.e addition of wet waste into the drum and removal of final product after lag phase of 15 to 18 days. Training to operator for making the society self sustainable in terms of wet waste disposal.

With Baction composting technology we aim at proving a simple, innovative, clean, odourless, portable and low cost customized technology for disposal of wet waste generated in your society.

Product Dimension Capacity
Baction Drum 4 Ft X 4 Ft 300 Ltr (100Kg)


2. Microbaction

It is set of single drum with partition; and works on the principle of an innovative Baction composting technology.It effectively converts your food waste and leafy garden waste into organic compost in easy way.

Product Dimension Capacity
Microbaction 3.7 Ft X 2 Ft 200 Ltr (40Kg)

Composting Pits

3. Composting Pits

Study of existing compost pits and making it reusable. Make functional existing composting pits scientifically. Low cost option with customization in existing setup.

Product Dimension Capacity
Composting Pits As per the waste generation As per the waste generation

Microbial Composting Culture

4. Microbial Composting Culture/Dehydrated Culture Media/Bioculture for Waste Water

Being domain expert Microbiologist team members we can provide specialized bacterial culture for scientific, odourless fast decomposing of organic matter like Food waste, Garden waste, Bakery waste, Sewage Treatement anaerobic culture etc. on special demand we can provide you specialized culture for specific type of waste.

Sewage Treatement Plant/Fecal sludge Treatement Plant

5. Sewage Treatement Plant/Fecal sludge Treatement Plant

Today we are the world’s most populous country with some of the world’s highest population densities in our cities.

Human waste (faecal matter) disposal is an ever growing problem leading to threat of organic pollution & rise of infectious diseases due to contamination of ground water, food chain and drinking water resources.

To treat such black water from residential source, we can provide sewage treatment technology also faecal Sludge treatment plant to treat human waste as per the customization and required expected output from treatment.

Consultation on Waste Management and Waste Water Management

6. Consultation on Waste Management and Waste Water Management

One time consultancy related your organic waste management and waste water treatment depending on your type of waste or waste water, availability of space, budget. Survey and execution planning of waste management or waste water management.

Any query related to waste management and waste water treatment, technology selection, disposal solutions of waste, revamping of your existing technology of waste management can be covered into consultation.

Certificate courses on Waste Management and Waste Water Management

7. Certificate courses on Waste Management and Waste Water Management

We conduct online/offline privet industrial certification courses regarding waste management and waste water management sector.

Certification courses can be short term as well as long term depending on content of subject. Courses are designed especially for students, professionals, Entrepreneurs, people working in same sector, teachers etc.

Government Sector

Customized Composting Technology

Plants are designed to process mixed household waste as well as commercial waste. Specific application of technology where mixed waste generation is huge.

Bio-Gas/Methanation Technology

Solids in the organic waste decompose rapidly and can be treated by biomethanation process method. This biogas can then be used as a source of renewable energy to produce Electricity (Waste to Energy project).

Bio Mining and Capping

This old waste is mined and segregated. Organic decomposed part convert to manure, other remaining material will be compressed and then capped as per the MSW handling rule 2016.

Shredder for dry waste and bailing machines

To reduce volume of waste and reduce the foot printing of storage. It helps in reduce transportation cost of recycle dry waste.

Special Government Project as per GR(शासन निर्णय)

We can do special projects related to environment as well as waste management as per directed by government in GR. Some projects must be done as per the guidelines of GR given by State or central government.